Paysafecard casinos

PaySafeCard is a prepaid payment method that started off in Deutschland. That's Germany for all of us native English speakers. At present it is the most popular method German natives use when playing online casinos and poker rooms. One of the raison d'être for its popularity is because it offers total security and it's accepted as cash at brick n' mortar outlets, online stores and casinos throughout Europe. This card is somewhat like a 'magician.' It can make you invisible by the sheer fact that your personal details are not revealed when using it. Its created to be fully disposable: once there's no money on it, you can throw it away. We can imagine the direction paper money is going with these types of cards. But there's a great advantage. Although some might call it a bit 'hypochondriac', you won't have to handle the billions of germs that travel on paper-money waiting to book a vacation on your gullible hands.

PaysafeCard works precisely like any other prepaid card, you purchase the card with a pre-set amount of money on it. Then you use it until the money runs out. Many of us are quite used to that type of system, I'm sure. They may be purchased at retail outlets throughout Europe and sold in fixed denominations similar to a pre-paid mobile phone card. The greatest amount that can be purchased is [£750.00]. If you need a greater amount simply purchase more than one card. Every Paysafecard has a sixteen-digit PIN number. Whenever the purchaser makes a payment transaction they must enter the sixteen-digit PIN. Money is then subtracted from the card until it's empty.

Using your PaySafeCard at an online casino is very simple. You have to love this card. It's effortlessness is a by product because of its lack of requisitions. No password, username or linked bank account is needed . Any online casino displaying the PaySafeCard logo will accept it. Here are a few:

Swiss Casino
This casino uses Playtech software. Too bad most of us lucked out. It holds the record for the second largest jackpot winner in history. Yes, they accept PaySafeCard.

River Nile Casino
River Nile Casino accepts PaySafeCard and is noted as having some of the luckiest online slots on the web.

Crazy slots Casino
This new Vegas Technology Casino has over [$12,000.00] in bonuses and much more in tournament prizes. PaySafeCards are welcome.

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